About Mantra:

To understand who, we are and what we do, it is critical to express why we exist, what makes us different and what we have to offer.

Our core and reason for being, relays on the gradation and excellence of our client’s personal and business success and profitability within the use of satellite smart phone communications as well as integrated solutions for effectively resolving their remote and destination challenges through a variety of services and optimizing their operations with high level of digital integration for profitable decisions making.

MANTRA, is a global satellite smart phone provider with rigorous and creative digital solutions through an array of services in different industries for any personal and business situation with various branches and partners around the globe, ranging from Canada, UK, MINA and the East Asia.

Our Mission and Values:

MANTRA is concentrated in seeking, innovating and improving personal and business inquiries of remote and destination challenges and operations, while producing creative digital solutions that are tailored to our clients specific needs.

Our Values are:

We Are Creative:
Creative problem solving with the integration of satellite smart phones with designed solutions.

We Are Innovative:
Providing solutions for an ease in remote operations management and overcoming destination’s challenges in an innovative manner for reducing clients’ costs and risks.

We Are Pragmatic:
We live in a real world, which needs real and performance-based results, that is what we stive to deliver and make problems and challenges workable for success.

We Are Trusting:
Operational excellence and client’s satisfaction are core and close to our hearts for making our clients feel safe and secure to that they can operate with their all of their might in their personal and business environment.

Who We Are?

In an uncertain global environment, a new normal mindset has raised that encompasses traditional decision-making processes which follow a fast pacing technological growth with much induced desire to satisfy one’s personal and business objectives and getting goals achieved efficiently, effectively in an optimized manner for communicating, being connected and able to decide in real-time.

The new fundamental mindset has taken a toll to remote operations management and challenging destinations and locations. Hence, it is essential to have an endogenous, creative, innovate, dynamic and trusting partner that truly understands how you can make an optimal decision with considering every aspect of your communicational needs and requirements through efficient costing and reduced risk for delivering integrated and critical devices with associated solutions to your personal or/and business objectives.

MANTRA is a veracious partner that is dedicated to go beyond conventional methods of managing and delivering practical ways for optimized decision making in your remote operations and asset alignment with thinking outside of the box for a smarter and more intelligent way of making profit and sustainability real and reachable in a competitive environment and in your businesses and personal activities.  At MANTRA this is only done through exceptional solutions and services in an array of industries that coincide with the allocated satellite smart phone technology  for all of your personal and business needs and requirements for achieving a optimal results.

At MANTRA, we are determined to tailer smart satellite devices solutions with intelligent hybrid networks for providing distinctive and idiosyncratic digital solutions that each unique individual and business can benefit and prosper. Our scope and scale encompassed traditional coverage, while focused on global interconnectedness through an intelligent hybrid network.

Mantra, assists and allocates optimized decision making through its proactive and responsive integrated system for handling vital data and IT enhancements within a secure environment that eases our clients minds in order for them to embark on their personal and business initiatives and journey with full power and confidence.

What We DO?

At Mantra, we aim at bridging remote operations management and destination challenges and dilemmas. Our process can be classified in three main categories:

Inquiries Assignment and The Allocation of Appropriate Satellite Products

Services Management That Are Aligned with The Appointed Allocation

Solutions and Best Practices That Can Be Provided for Optimizing, Enhancing and Upscaling Best Success

Why Choose MANTRA

With the ever-changing environment of remote operations and the challenges it brings with certain destinations, we at MANTRA use our global resources, talent, partners and solutions for bringing people and business that are looking for :

  • Exclusive and Vast Satellite Solutions.
  • Tailored and Integrated Satellite Smart Phones wish Associated Digitalization.
  • Innovative and Creative Ability for Offering Customized Services and Plans.
  • Creative Integration in Satellite Smart Phones, AI, Machin Learning, IT and etc.